Oslo Opera House – B-Girl B-Boy

While walking around the stunning building that is Oslo Opera House I walked past a b-girl and b-boy who where dancing on the roof with a stereo and a pram beside them. Eyebrows raised, a quick introduction chat and the camera was out and we had a mini shoot on the go!

These guys where awesome; Asta aged 34 works as an ashtanga yoga teacher and has a degree in theology, Heine aged 20 works at fixing cars and worked in a store before that.

They dance on the roof as they love the location, it looks nice and has inspiring people passing by etc.

My final question before I left was did the pram actually have a baby in it or was it for something else? Turns out they did! Asta’s 18 month old daughter was having her afternoon nap.

It was a fun encounter! And it summed up one of the joys of being a photographer… it opens up doors to meeting different people and getting insight into their lives.

Thanks Asta & Heine !

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