I’ve had great experience working along side designers, consultants and design agencies, providing photography for them to work with for a number of different purposes, whether it’s for publishing, web design or other marketing materials.

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Web Design Photographer Manchester

A lot of the work I’ve done for designers has been for web design. As well as business photography, capturing shots of staff on site, I also do a lot of office portraiture. This is a great way of establishing trust for businesses, and makes a telling contribution to web design and the look and feel of a website. Users respond better to images of people and these are a positive way to help to communicate the strength of your team and the culture of your company.

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photography for design

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Photography for Print Design

As well as for web design, I also work to briefs for print materials, including brochures and education prospectuses. All my photography is of course, provided in the best possible quality of picture, meaning it doesn’t only look great in an online context, but is suitable for print and can cover large areas of printed work without loosing its clarity. Often this kind of photography is closer to a lifestyle shoot, I try to capture a more natural feel for the subjects and the situation.

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Versatile Photography

Because of the number of shots I’ll provide, as well as those which were specified within the brief, I can offer plenty of photography to allow for changes of plan or layout. I like to leave designers I work with plenty of options for their work, including composing photography for the inclusion of overlaid text or other graphic materials, with areas of softer focus or quieter areas of the image. With the experience I’ve amassed over time, I feel I’ve honed a good eye for what will make a good shot and what kind of imagery will be useful to have at hand.

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