A lot of the work I do as a photographer is capturing businesses through portraits. I always find that these images not only bring websites and marketing materials to life, but are also a great way to demonstrate what’s unique about a particular team and dynamic. No two shoots are ever the same and this is a factor that companies can use to sell who they are and why they’re great to work with.

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Office photography in Leeds

I’ve worked with many businesses across the Leeds area to capture shots of their team at work. Whilst there are a few approaches I can take to getting the perfect shots for your needs, I tend to try and allow the subjects to be as natural as possible. Having a team who are behaving organically not only showcases a better reflection of your company, but also simply makes for better photography!

When potential clients are browsing your website or reading other marketing materials, the way they perceive you as a prospect is shaped by the way you and your team come across as potential partners to work with. I’ve learnt the right photography goes along way to shaping this impression in the right way.

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Capturing company culture through workplace portraits

Each business is unique, and will have its own company culture that many agencies will have put a lot of thought into developing. Communicating these qualities to clients and customers is far more effective with photography as a medium.
Whether you have a dedicated, focused team in a corporate environment, or a more casual, contemporary and creative team at a design or marketing agency, encapsulating this in imagery is essential to the projection of the company that you’re trying to give.


Workplace Photography

To the sides are some examples of office photography style to showcase some recent work. These were captured by letting the subjects relax so I could get a more realistic sense of the day to day life of the office. I tend to switch between using this more photo journalistic style and shooting more choreographed situations in meetings and brainstorms to ensure we get all the coverage that’s needed for the client.

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