Along side the work I do with agencies for their clients, I also do work to showcase the team’s at agencies in their working environment. These are great options for including on websites and other marketing materials to help to communicate your company culture and build trust with potential clients and customers- people buy from people as they say.

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Office Portraits

The best portraiture in offices and workplaces are those which are taken in an organic style and manage to capture your team at work and in discussion. This photography needs to maintain this sense of being natural and spontaneous to avoid looking contrived and losing some of its impact.
Office portraiture is an important feature of web design and other marketing materials. Your team is one of the great assets that you have to help sell your company and convince clients you’re the guys to work with.

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manchester business portraiture

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Some examples of my Workplace Photography

To the side here are some examples of the workplace photography projects I’ve undertaken. As part of my approach to help relax the subjects of the shots and keep the natural impression, I tend to take a slightly photo-journalistic approach to the work. Allowing the team to go about their typical work day, I’ll snap away without trying to much to intervene. This will also include some other elements of the typical working environment, reflecting your business, from team meetings to brainstorms and those doing other tasks that reflect your business.

manchester business portraits

Other workplaces

My work isn’t just limited to offices spaces. I’ve gone on location in a great kind range of different businesses, from kitchen spaces to factories, warehouses and workshops. I’ve even been on photo shoots in research departments and some of my photographs from the University of Salford, with Jet Engines and a whole assortment of other unidentifiable other contraptions. No matter what area your business is in and what service you offer, establishing your strengths and your team through workplace photography is a great bet for making an impact.

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