I’ve had some great experiences working with marketing and ad agencies across Manchester, along with other businesses in a variety of different challenges. My work in business and corporate and photography has included challenges from advertising photography, business portraits and workplace photography.

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Office Photography

This is a great way to showcase your business to potential clients, communicating your company’s way of operating and culture. Below are some example shots from Cube 3 in Manchester. Here I was attempting to get some organic snapshots of the team at work, in meetings and in some candid shots of the guys in the office. Part of my job is to relax the guys who are the subjects of the photography, the less aware they are of the camera the better in a lot of situations.

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Workplace Portraits

These workplace portraits can make an impactful improvement to websites and marketing materials, whether online or in print. They’re a useful tool for helping to project and communicate the strengths of your company and team which are a persuasive asset in convincing your audience that you’re the company to work with.
For those who are making decisions and getting an impression of your company, getting a feel for the team is a chief factor in creating that initial trust.


Business Portraits

Here are some shots I took doing some similar work with the team at ANS in Manchester. Here I used a similar photojournalist style approach, observing how the team go about their work and interact and taking some shots to capture the atmosphere of productivity and enthusiasm, getting the right moments of interaction and body language. In some instances it’s necessary to choreograph the shots a little more to ensure that we end up with a selection of images that’s exactly to brief and brings out exactly what the client is after to hit home their message. Typically however, I’d say that the more organic and natural looking the image, the better.

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