One of the most important ways to sell your business to clients is through the team they’ll be working with. This is a great chance to capture the energy and culture of your company to showcase on your website. Ultimately, when a client opts to choose you and your service, they’re not just buying into your skills and track record, but into you and your team as people. Photography is an essential part of getting this right.

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Building Trust with Photography

Workplace portraits are a means for businesses to capture their people and how they work. This ought not just feature your team members, but beyond that help to communicate a sense of life at your company and in your office. These details really hit home with potential clients and help to build trust. People buy from people as they say, and by including welcoming photography on your site or in marketing materials is part of this..

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business photographer leeds

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Workplace Photographer

As a professional advertising and agency photographer, I focus on capturing you and your business at work. This should be a natural feeling showcase of how you operate, getting some of the character of your team. Not only does this begin to build trust- research has shown that people buy from people- but is also a window for you to communicate what’s unique about your team and how you operate. A creative agency will have a different look and feel from a specialist law firm for example.

leeds business photographer

Natural Looking Office Portraits

I tend to work by letting the subjects of the photography behave as organically as possible, whether it’s at a regular meeting, some team members chatting about a piece of work or a creative brainstorm getting the team in its natural environment is important to great workplace and office photography. I can present you with hundreds of options for the final imagery, so you know you’re team will be looking their very best and you can demonstrate all the positive qualities you want to project from you and your team.

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