From lifestyle shoots to office portraits, I’ve worked on some great projects with clients and agencies across Manchester. My work’s been used for everything from web design to printed materials and brochures. Here’s a look at some of the kinds of photography that I’ve undertaken for business in the region.

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Office Portraiture

Whilst many agencies are focused on getting the best results for their clients, it is often said that they forget how to market and sell themselves. One such way to do this is through the way you present your company culture and your team through workplace photography. I’ve been involved with lots of these kinds of shoots and always try to capture the most organic feel possible. Your team are a real asset when it comes to bringing in clients to your business and having a sense of who you are on your site or in marketing materials is an important part of building trust. As well as in offices, I’ve also been lucky enough to do shoots in a variety of other work places, from labs to kitchens.

agency photography manchester

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Lifestyle Photography

My tasks in this area have been really varied, from swimming pools to travel photography, sports to tadpoles. Along side here are some examples of the rich variety of work that I’ve been involved with. Again, I tend to take to try not to interfere too much with the subjects too much where possible for this kind of shoot, allowing them to behave naturally and at ease, which tends to lead to far more credible photography. Getting an audience to believe a situation or story within the images is central to selling a product, service or destination.

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Prospectuses and Brochures

Naturally, all the photography I undertake is provided to you in the highest possible definition. This means that not only can you use these images with the greatest possible clarity, but that they’re obviously suitable for print and can stand up to covering large areas within printed documents.
I recently did a shoot for Salford University for their prospectus, taking images that not only sold the environment, but that would look great in print, along side text or overlaid with graphics or titles.

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