I undertake a rich variety of different types of photography projects for agencies across the Leeds area. Whether it’s some focused product shots for an ad campaign or some workplace portraits to capture your agency at work, drop me a line and let me know what’s required. Here’s a bit of an overview of some of the types of work in my portfolio for agencies.

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Ad Agency Photography

Photography sells products! I’ve had some great shoots for visual advertising campaigns, honing a sense for the right way to portray products, offering clients plenty of options to work with allowing them the flexibility to work up great materials.

My work with advertising agencies has extended from close product photography to lifestyle shoots with subtle product inclusions such as these examples with Udo’s Choice and Clean Eating Alice.

agency photographer leeds - clean eating alice

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Re-branding Photography

Whether you’re a start up or an established brand, the look and feel of how you present your business through imagery is a central part of the brand you create. I’ve worked with a great selection of agencies with jobs creating and shifting a brand’s imaging.

In the example below, working with Nina Torina agency WeareCoda, the brief was to bring out Nina’s natural warmth and positivity as part of the branding of a new well being range. Photography is essential in bringing out the character of your brand and in demonstrating personality and it’s one of my favourite challenges in photography.

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Workplace Portraits for Agencies

Sometimes ad agencies can be so focused on doing great marketing for their clients that they forget to do their own. Establishing trust in your team and in the environment that you build at your company can be vital in creating the right impression for potential clients. Workplace and office photography is a significant part of that process.

I’ve got plenty of experience in getting organic portraits of your team at work and in creative settings, from meetings to brainstorms. Bring your website to life with workplace photography such as this work I did below for Cube 3 with a photo journalistic approach to capturing the team.

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