I’ve worked extensively with agencies across the Manchester and Salford area, capturing shots of products and lifestyle settings for advertising campaigns and other marketing materials. This work has included very focused product photography, workplace portraits, lifestyle shots and event photography.


Capturing Lifestyle Shots for Advertising

In advertising, telling stories effectively is a central factor in communicating the value of products and in engaging an audience in your brand.

Good story telling requires credibility and this is a great challenge for a photographer. If your audience isn’t buying the situation because it seems too stages, then they’re aren’t likely to buy into your product either.

Capturing a natural feel to the shoot and organic behaviour from the subjects of a shoot is part of the role of a photographer.


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Rebranding Photography Manchester

Below are some shots from a day I spent with Archon Guarding in Manchester. The challenge on the day was to showcase the new branding of the company, in a series of staff portraits of the team in their natural environment.

Nothing demonstrates a re-brand or a change of emphasis like photography. Visual media can have an immediate impact, and with the dynamism of the colour and fresh setting for this collection of shots I think the message of the change in the branding was clearly showcased as part of the client’s new visual identity.


Prospectuses and Printed Marketing Materials

I’ve been involved in photography for a real variety of printed materials and university prospectuses. Below are some good examples of prospectus photography I took for the University of Salford, where I was keen to capture the energy around campus, the atmosphere amongst the students and some iconic photographic spots in the Salford area including Salford Boys’ Club, which famously featured in the Smiths shot.

Often with this kind of work I take a kind of photo-journalistic approach. It’s easier to capture natural shots on the day if I can let the subjects go about their business and not think too much about the camera there. Naturally, at the end of the shoot I can provide loads of different shots so you can make sure you have great looking imagery for leaflets, brochures or a prospectus.

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