Working with agencies for advertising photography is one of the challenges I most enjoy as a photographer. I’ve experience working with some great agencies and clients across the Manchester area and beyond, working on jobs from close product advertising shots to broader lifestyle and business photography for use in advertising images.

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Photography for Advertising

Sometimes the work I’m tasked with is to capture specific products with clarity and in an appealing light and setting for use in marketing materials from billboards to digital and social media purposes. As well as the natural technical elements of these challenges in making sure the products look great in the right definition and quality for the medium in question, it’s also important to offer a natural sense of the products in their surroundings. In the accompanying photographs from a recent shoot you can see this in action.
The Udo’s Choice products are featured naturally, with prominence but still situated within the context of the setting, another important element of these challenges.

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ad agency photography manchester

Lifestyle photography for advertising

For these kinds of challenge, the credibility of the models and the situation is vital.
I enjoy trying to capture the subjects looking and behaving as naturally as possible to ensure that the situation and environment has some realism. With lifestyle work, selling the reality of situations is a vital part of their purpose for marketing. Here are some shots from some work I did with the team at DS Emotion to capture life in Muswell Hill down in London, promoting all the benefits of living and working in this developing area.

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Photography for Re-branding

Part of the work I did in Muswell Hill was to show many different sides of the area. For companies or brands looking to bring out a new element of their product, service or corporate identity. The subtlety to how businesses present themselves through their visual presence and imagery plays a significant part in how they’re perceived and understood. It’s understandable then, that I often work with people and brands who are involved in a re-branding. This is another element of photography I really enjoy, thinking about the story that needs to be told through images and the nuance to the personality of a product or business that are coming through in an image.

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