My work with advertising agencies across the Leeds area has involved a number of different elements of photography, from lifestyle shoots to workplace portraits and travel photography. Here’s a look at some of the areas of photography I specialise in, along with some examples of projects I’ve been involved in with clients and agencies from in and around the Leeds area.

ad agency photographer leeds

Lifestyle photography

I’ve worked with some great companies and clients in the area on lifestyle shoots, getting the chance to learn about and tell some great stories on the way. Along side here are some examples from Bramley Baths and Brian, who had been swimming 3 times a week for 30 years and was still going strong at 70! I tend to simply let the subjects of the photography get on with their activity in these instances, and act like a fly on the wall snapping away to try and capture the shots that are needed.

lifestyle ad photography leeds

lifestyle photography leeds

leeds travel photography

Travel Photography

One of the advantages of being a photographer is that the focus of your job tends to be on capturing great sights. This has presented me with the opportunity to travel on several occasions, from the continent to the United States. Here are some shots that were taken in Barcelona and in Oslo where I some dancers with a stereo which struck me as a great chance for some more documentary photography.

ad agency photography leeds

Workplace Photography

As well as working along side advertising and marketing agencies in the area, I also often work for them too. Workplace or office photography offers the chance to project the qualities in your team and the culture and strengths of your business to potential clients and customers. It’s often said that those in marketing can sometimes forget to do their own and workplace photography is a great method for this, whether for use in web design or other printed materials.

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