Image featured in AOP Exhibition – Moments

Really pleased to have one of my images featured in an AOP exhibition on ‘Moments’ curated by Lisa Pritchard Agency.

You can see the full exhibition here for the next few weeks in latest exhibitions on the AOP site after this look for ‘Moments’ in the exhibitions section to find it.

Mine is the image on this screenshot with the crazy trampoline moment!


The Daily Grind

During a recent trip to London we got to hang out with the lovely staff and customers at Shoreditch Grind on Old Street Roundabout. Below are a few of the shots took. Huge thanks to the amazingly friendly staff at Grind for letting me take them and most of all thanks for your warm welcome, amazing coffee and food !

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ANS Manchester – Office Photography & Team Portraits

Had great fun returning to sunny Manchester to shoot more images for the team at ANS.


Anastasia from BMA Models

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Sports Fitness with James from BMA Models

A few shots from a recent test shoot with James from BMA Models. Huge thanks to James for being  a super friendly and complete professional to work with on the day and to the team at BMA for all their help on setting this up.



Summer Sun in Barcelona

A few images from a fun and sun filled lifestyle shoot in Barcelona with Matteo and Apple (the coolest dog I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with!)

The only way Apple would ever let go of the ball so Matteo could throw it was if he lifted his hind legs up.




Tadpoles and Conkers

Great to capture Autumn in full swing with this recent lifestyle shoot sends me back to the early 80’s when it was me catching the tadpoles at the swamp near our housing estate in Northern Ireland !

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Oslo Opera House – B-Girl B-Boy

While walking around the stunning building that is Oslo Opera House I walked past a b-girl and b-boy who where dancing on the roof with a stereo and a pram beside them. Eyebrows raised, a quick introduction chat and the camera was out and we had a mini shoot on the go!

These guys where awesome; Asta aged 34 works as an ashtanga yoga teacher and has a degree in theology, Heine aged 20 works at fixing cars and worked in a store before that.

They dance on the roof as they love the location, it looks nice and has inspiring people passing by etc.

My final question before I left was did the pram actually have a baby in it or was it for something else? Turns out they did! Asta’s 18 month old daughter was having her afternoon nap.

It was a fun encounter! And it summed up one of the joys of being a photographer… it opens up doors to meeting different people and getting insight into their lives.

Thanks Asta & Heine !

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Swimmer at Bramley Baths

A few shots of taken at the stunning Bramley Baths.These were taken just before Brian celebrated his 70th birthday he’s been swimming 3 times a week on average for almost 30 years and kept going without a break for hours definitely a bit of a legend and inspiration thanks Brian and thanks to the lovely staff at brambly Baths for making us feel so welcome!


Silver Bay Anglesey – Pixel 8 Manchester

A few images from last summers lifestyle shoot at the stunning location that is Silver Bay in Anglesey. This was my 1st shoot after returning home from an amazing USA roadtrip (still to blog it!) I drove down with the team from Pixel 8 to do a shoot for there client Silver Bay.

We captured a series of lifestyle images to show how stunning the beech is and how much fun people have when they go there. It was such a fun few days I must admit it still felt like I was still in sunny California!